Legitimate Fundraisers

Joey (resized)  Kristy IMG_9174 Gabriel_Perett

The people pictured above are currently out going door to door requesting donations for ESAR.  We rely on donations from the community for funding our operations, and have been proud to have served Escambia County and surrounding areas for over 50 years.

Our fundraisers wear the ESAR gold shirt with a collar, DO have an ESAR ID, DO have ESAR pamphlets and stickers, and will provide a written, numbered receipt upon donation.  It has been a while, but occasionally we get reports of people who do not have any of the above fraudulently representing that they are collecting for ESAR.

Please continue to donate, as we need your donations in order to continue to operate, but be aware of scammers.  If it doesn't seem right, it may not be.  If you think that someone is fraudulently requesting funds, please call law enforcement immediately so we can catch these clowns who steal from you, from ESAR, and from those who may need our services.

Again, the people pictured at the top of this post are legitimate, and appreciated.