On Saturday, April 16th, 2016, members of ESAR's Marine Ops Command and Dive Command were instrumental in locating a drowning victim utilizing side imaging sonar in the Intercoastal Waterway in the area of Fort McRee. ESAR Marine 1800 first located the victim, and confirmation was made by ESAR members aboard a Florida Fish and Wildlife vessel.  Escambia County Sheriff's Office Dive Team was on scene and recovered the victim.  ESAR members on scene reported that multiple agencies worked very well together during the search and recovery effort:  US Coast Guard; Florida FWC; Escambia County Sheriff's Office; US Navy; Escambia Fire Rescue; and other good Samaritans participated in the search.


ESAR Marine Operations stayed pretty busy last week.

  • Marine Ops Members attended a meet and greet at Mission Fishin' Angler's Night.
  • Then, all the following week, they provided boats for the on the water Human Remain Detection K9's attending the NNOCDS K9 Seminar from all across the country.
  • Next, Marine Ops had a boat in the water for the Kid's Fishing Clinic, assisted by a Rescue Swimmer from Dive Command, and members from other Commands keeping a watchful eye along the railing in case someone fell into the water.
  • And finally, as I type this, Marine Ops members are out on a mission.

With our proximity to water (rivers, bays, etc...), Marine Ops is generally one of our busier Commands, but this has been a busier than normal week.  Many thanks to the Marine Operations members and those from other Commands who support them.

ESAR's main workhorse vessel (a 1977 fishing vessel donated in the 1980's) is out of service because it is has become unsafe to operate and increasingly expensive to maintain in mission ready condition.  A replacement that is much more suitable for Search And Rescue has been located, but we need help with funding.  Please click on the link below to help us fund a replacement vessel so that we can continue to provide much needed services to the community.


ESAR members, if you obtained your SARTECH II or III certification before January 01, 2013, YOU MUST RE-CERTIFY BY January 01, 2016.  The training / mission hours criteria should be all you need.  For now, you just need to present a training / mission log ONLY IF IT IS REQUESTED by NASAR.  There are blank log sheets at ESAR formatted the way NASAR wants them to be, for you to complete and keep track of your hours.

You can click on the "How to Re-certify" link below for a video that walks you through how to re-certify for NASAR SARTECH.  This video shows how to re-certify SARTECH II, but the process is the same for SARTECH III or SARTECH I.

How To Re-certify

If you have any questions, please contact your Commander.  There is a cost that can be reimbursed by ESAR, just bring in your receipt.  If you need help with the cost initially (instead of waiting for reimbursement), we can make that happen.