Another Project Lifesaver Success!

On Tuesday, December 5th, at about 6:20pm ESAR volunteers responded to a report of a missing elderly male with Dementia who had walked away from family at the Red Lobster on 9th Ave.  This is a heavily congested area, with many locations that would have been a nightmare to search, sort of a needle in a haystack type situation.  He could have been inside any number of stores in Cordova Mall, any area of Sacred Heart Hospital, or parking garages, etc...  Thankfully, he was enrolled in Project Lifesaver!!!  An ESAR Project Lifesaver Electronic Search Specialist was able to pick up the signal as he was driving into the area.  The missing person had crossed two very busy roadways, and was found near the McDonald's on Airport Blvd, near the Sam's Club.  He was recovered within minutes, and returned to his family without incident.

This is the 4th Project Lifesaver rescue within a couple of months.  If you know of anyone with a wandering condition (Autism, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Traumatic Brain Injury, or related), please have them enroll with Project Lifesaver.

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