Busy Saturday

On Saturday, April 16th, ESAR stayed pretty busy.  We were present at Diamondview Neighborhood Watch block party demonstrating Project Lifesaver.  Then, there was the Marine Ops / Dive mission where ESAR located a drowning victim using side imaging sonar.  During these events, there were members out practicing on the navigation course at UWF getting ready for the upcoming NASAR SAR Tech II certifications.  And to finish off the night, we were requested by the Escambia County Sheriff's Office at almost 11:00 pm for a missing Autistic 12 year old.  Happily, he was located shortly after they called us, and a Stand Down was sent right after the Call Out.  Overall it was a long, busy day.  Thank you to the volunteers willing to spend so much time and effort to help people in times of need.

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