Busy Week for Marine Ops

ESAR Marine Operations stayed pretty busy last week.

  • Marine Ops Members attended a meet and greet at Mission Fishin' Angler's Night.
  • Then, all the following week, they provided boats for the on the water Human Remain Detection K9's attending the NNOCDS K9 Seminar from all across the country.
  • Next, Marine Ops had a boat in the water for the Kid's Fishing Clinic, assisted by a Rescue Swimmer from Dive Command, and members from other Commands keeping a watchful eye along the railing in case someone fell into the water.
  • And finally, as I type this, Marine Ops members are out on a mission.

With our proximity to water (rivers, bays, etc...), Marine Ops is generally one of our busier Commands, but this has been a busier than normal week.  Many thanks to the Marine Operations members and those from other Commands who support them.

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