ESAR K9 Participated in Canine Biathlon

Mike and Hudson
The U.S. Canine Biathalon recently took place on 320 acres, in Anniston, Alabama.  This event was open to all types of Handler/Canine teams, including civilian pets, search & rescue, military working dogs, and police dog teams.

The 2019 US Canine Biathalon was comprised of 84 obstacles over 4.2 miles, with 1,285 participants.  It featured diverse, challenging aspects for both K9s & Handlers to overcome and rely on each other to make it through the grueling course of streams, tunnels, vertical climbs, and the infamous Heartbreak Hill.  It is the ultimate K9/Handler bonding experience, and is a true testament for what a K9/Handler team can overcome together and accomplish.

Escambia Search And Rescue Canine Handler Mike Rhodes, and his canine partner Hudson started off the course excited, but timid for a few obstacles they had never seen before.   As they went through the course, their confidence excelled and Hudson was the one who helped pull Mike up the gauntlet of Snake Hill and then Heartbreak Hill.  "He did things I have never seen him do and never thought he was capable of doing.  And from my side of the leash, you could just tell he had a blast doing it!!"
Hudson and Mike teamed up with a few Handlers from Klaas Kids to form Team "Klassy Mud Puppies," which placed 5th out of 44 registered teams.  Mike says it was a great experience, and he's totally looking forward to next year.

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