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ESAR Training Day: August 2019

ESAR Training2image7ESAR Training16

Training Day actually started the night before with some of our members setting up camp at Spring Lake in Cantonment. The great thing about this advance force was that they effectively eliminated flying insects from the training site with a mosquito fogger.

IMG_0722IMG_0725ESAR Training9

Unfortunately, it was impractical to fog all of the area where the K9 handlers were training dogs and handlers. Inspite of the copious amounts of flying insect pests, Jaime Martin and K9 Keira were easily able to find Luke hiding in the woods. K9 Keira was amazing - it was a lot of fun to watch her work.


image3image2ESAR Training3

Jeremy Findley and rest of the Land Command trained on 4 wheel ATV's, wilderness skills and other Search and Rescue skills. They have some of the best tools (boy's and girl's toys) - for finding missing persons. Land training is FUN!!!

image6image1ESAR Training15

OB Petit and the rest of Marine Ops Command trained on deploying, trailoring and running the 16 foot Trackers. There is nothing better on a hot day than running a boat on the water.



Jared Cash and the rest of Aviation Command set up the drones and trained with them - this is the cutting edge of Search and Rescue.

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ESAR Training13

Jim Walters and the rest of the Communications Command trained on setting up and operating the small MCC which is perfect for wilderness search operations. If you love electronics, this is the place for you to help find missing persons.

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All of this training could never have happened had it not been for the excellent preparations and support of Tom Butler and the rest of his Support Command.

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