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Escambia Search and Rescue


Operational Status:


Comms and Aviation play critical roles in our on-site operations. They are responsible for operating our Mobile Command Center and establishing communication with other ESAR units. A well-coordinated communication system is essential for effective emergency response.



James "Sonny" Harrison

I have been a part of ESAR (Emergency Services and Rescue) for almost two years now. Prior to this, I retired as a professional firefighter lieutenant and paramedic from a suburb of Memphis, TN after serving for 32 years. During my tenure, I worked as a paramedic for 26 years in a level one pediatric trauma center in Memphis. I also served as a rescue and medical specialist on the TN Task Force One FEMA USAR team for 30 years. In addition, I am a certified CERT instructor, safety officer, ERDI SAR diver, and scuba ranger instructor. Currently, I am working as a paramedic on the Homeland Security TN1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team.



Bob Tribble



Ana Cary

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